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Thesis idea

I suppose I ought to have put this information in the ‘All about me’ section, but I can’t figure out how!!

My thesis topic shall be based on British foreign policy in Namibia in the 1970s.  I’m primarily interested in discovering why Britain did a basic U-turn on the status of Namibia.  In ’68 (I think it was this year…must check for definate again), they backed a U.N resolution that called for South Africa to relinquish any claim on the country, but by the mid ’70’s, they declared that South Africa was the de facto authority.  Both were Labour governments, so there’s no party policy politics here.  I hope to explore the financial, political etc gains that Britain must have sought from such a U-turn.  A very important aspect to Namibia is not only does it possess one of the world’s biggest diamond resources but uranium as well.  Did this fact play a part in Britain’s decision?  Were they unduly influenced by the U.S.?  Was it a decision based on Cold War strategies?  How, or indeed, was the decision influenced by events taking place in Angola?  Or indeed was Britain propagating White Supremacy in Southern Africa?  There are many other questions that need to be explored, and all suggestions, comments etc. will be greatly appreciated.  Long haul of work in it…and cannot wait to get stuck in!


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