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About me!

I’ve just graduated with a BA in History and English from U.C.C., and am currently doing an MA in International Relations’.  I chose to do the MA because I did a module in International Relations last year, and did incredibly well and loved every second of it.  It seems to incorporate all the things that I love: history and politics but philosophical theories as well.  It definetly engages one.  And there’s so much scope too in this field.  My area of interests would mainly lie in the Cold War era, primarily with respect to the African continent and how so many of these emerging African states were merely pawns to the whims  and games of the U.S and U.S.S.R.  There are some however who would disagree as to the level of importance that the Cold War played in the process Decolonisation. 

I suppose other areas of interest would be 20th Century Russian and Balkan histories,  early 20th century Irish history, and lately, the Civil Rights’ movement in the U.S. 

My first love though would be African history.  To me it seems so very neglected in terms of the importance that it is given.  Each individual country’s history is viewed only in tandem with a ‘Superpower’ or an ex-colonist.  And that’s sad.  As a continent, it is a rich tapestry of wonderful cultures and beautiful stories to be told, yet we seem to see it only as a place ravished with war, famine and destruction; there is so much more.

My other interest is English: mainly 19th century literature, though I confess to being an avid Jane Austen fan…nothing comes close to her beautiful writing, depth and understanding.  When I read a novel though, it seems I can never quite get away from looking at it in a historical context…perhaps I was really meant to be a historian after all!!

Will update soon


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